Feminine Sanitation

By providing the necessary services, our feminine sanitation service ensures that there is equanimity among online pharmacy escrow. our clients and that every legal requirement is considered appropriately.

We ensure that our structure is completely private and secured in that sanitary bins are put in female cubicles and give directives on how to use them in disposing the sanitary towels and our contacts put on a fixed sticker on the lid to ensure prompt communication in case of any concern. Our staff replaces the bin on scheduled periods to ensure that the bins remain fresh as they are sterilized on exchange. It is good to note that it is the responsibility of Al-Time Services Staff to install, empty, maintain and dispose the sanitary towels.

We provide a�?non touchablea�? sanitary bins replaced on programmed periods, ensure for secure dumping of sanitary pads in accordance to governing environmental cataflam cost. legislation and conforming to appropriate workplace.